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Peter Gonda

Born in 1983, now living and drinking in Bratislava. Provocateur, visual artist, coder, klingon poet. Works for students radio Tlis as a program manager and speaker. Interest in social topics grew until co-established a local mutation of the Indymedia in Bratislava, as well as a culture jammers group UMW. Got affiliated with Burundi, where worked on projects of Burundi Studio. Later co-created the initiative Itchy Bit promoting art & ideas in their intersections with science and computer technology. Still thinks that project organising is nice, but creating is better. Studies Computer Sciences on Comenius University. As vj he is in love with abstract realtime datascapes & Pure Data.

Without title. Streaming project
In cooperation with the students' radio TLIS we plan to set up a temporary radio studio where people can come and listen to shows or where the redactors prepare shows with materials recorded on the spot, where people can learn to do minimal sound editing.
Project Description:
It might sound dry to state that the aim of our project is to document life, but after all this is what we are going to do. And after all it also matters the manner one does it and the interactivity with the public one achieves. All will be streamed also so that partners overseas can receive the streams and modify them if they wish. Music under creative commons will be broadcasted in an attempt to teach people more about the advantages of sharing.







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