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The whole project consists of two parts: interactive and digital realization and their presentation in the reality as a multimedia installation.

Digital project:
Concept of the digital project is based on the demonstration of three people, different both in emotional and social aspect. At the current moment they work on a common project, but after finishing the collaboration each of them shall go over and start working  somewhere else-in a similar place, with different people.
Project interface presents visualized idea of the relationships - three circles, allowing us an approach to each element (three
different spaces). Circles are also an interactive menu, giving us access to each of the three stories.

Every circle loads a new layer, and the following happens in each of the layers (parts):
1. Layer contains all three participants in it, and everyone's different story is presented consecutively, but only through visual resources - physical appearance and clothing, rhythms (music) and gestures - video is used for better visualization of people's movements and gestures.
2. Layer consists of all three participants as well, but in this case they are shown working on a project - clicking over some
character will make him walking and leaving a color trace behind, thus shaping a picture. Relationship between them, as well as work's influence on them -this idea is just a frame, allowing taking a look at the existing problem of the micro society,a good reason for some thoughts and debates.
3. And yet again we see all three participants, but this time each of them verbalizes his attitude to the completed work and adaptation
to the group. A sequence of static pictures of each participant is used, and their thoughts are shown as subtitles.
Same navigation. These three people are good example of relationships between individuals working together at different places for different terms, but constantly looking for their own personal place.







finearts | media art | design | cooperation | internet | webdesign | netart


Kyd Campbell | Neli Mitewa | Mila Odazhieva



Raycho Stanev


BrainStoreProject | InterSpace | Goethe Institut Sofia

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