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The Mobile Studios' project meets common issues of the project in Paris. We would like to consider our proposal for Mobile Studios as an extension, a proliferating ramification of our activities. Starting from the Mobile Studio structure, the space of   will be temporarily and fictitiously reconstituted in part or all space and will propose, over one week, events resulting from the work started since our opening. Mobile Studios'   project will act like a flexible and reactive unit, multiplying the experiments by mixing various interventions and means of expression. Open on the city, the project is considered as an entity, a zone of permanent, moving and evolutionary reaction, which is spread according to the surrounding rhythm, in relation to the external activity, and interacting with the public. The interventions will adapt to the rate of external life surrounding the Alexander Battenberg Square Alexander, recreating temporal entities. To find a right transcription of the contextual relation that   envisage with the city/life, and in order to not overwhelm the common space of the Mobile Studios, we thought as well at the end of program, of landing in the Zaimov park, (slightly eccentric but remaining connected to urban activities) place of walk and free time. These extension could be a detached part of the Mobile Studio Structure, a kind of molecular element linked to the main project as an explorating mission taking part in the development of an exchange, meeting and dialoguing network within the city. Place of ambulation, favourable with the reflexion, the leisure, the square as the park lends itself well to our wish to register art in touch with urban texture.
More than an exhibition, it matters a program featuring at a daily rhythm different types of events. On the abstract model of an hotel suite, the four rooms of   fill the theoritical functions of LIVING ROOM, BEDROOM, GARAGE, OFFICE. Along a logical and progressive scheme, these will review elementary phases of human activity.

I Working days [ the suite ]
According to the model of an hotel suite (succession of rooms, usable as parts or as a whole, during a certain limited and renewable time), create a space-time production unit which decline, each day of the week, a one-day event [ variable duration from 1 to 24 hour(s)]. Displaying in time the successive spaces of a living room, a bedroom, a garage or an office, it will replace in type sets a standard catalogue of ordinary human activities.
This programmatic proposal is unfoldable in 4 volets of exhibitions [ installationsperformances] for the live studio + an opening live needing four differentiated spaces or corners. Thought and lived as a marathon, the installation process will be visible from public trough the window on which an electro-static adhesiv [  , work in progress ] will signal setting times, before to open to free access from inside.
Day 0 cocktail-party The Repetition (beta version) (18-21h )
Day 1 the living-room DOM-EXPO variable time
Day 2 the chambre A ROOM WITH A VIEW variable time
Day 3 the garage MOBILE HOME variable time
Day 4 the office TERTIARY AREA variable time

II Week-end [ the veranda ]
Conceived as an extension of a suburban house, the veranda (a place between the house and the garden) will go at the end of the week (a time between work and holiday) put up its tent in Zaïmov park, for some open air activities.

Day 5 the terrace GARDEN PARTY picnic (24 h)
Day 6 the garden SUMMER TIME play area (24 h)

In the same space-time line than the first (Working-days), this second episode [ Week-end ] will create at a distance like a module of the MOBILE STUDIO, a satellite allowing to blow up its structure into the city, relaying and spreading out its work and actions. Like an explorating mission, the team will play the hybrid part of a delegation of scouts in detached service and a commando of salesmen in commercial campaign. At once advanced post, info-point, reception desk and recruiting bureau, the « in the open » display at Zaïmov park will permit to received in the grass, creating in a cool and relaxed atmosphere an informal lounge for keeping appointments taken the first days of MOBILE STUDIO and so extending the meeting process. Ambassadors...

The REPETITION - performance + guests
Absorbed in domestic (living room), physics (room), musical (garage), or office exercises (office), actors of this proposal with multiple entries evolve in 4 spaces summarily indicated by some elements of decoration allowing to locate the context of this activities. Relaying their occupations in closed loop, revealing itself by a repetitive gesture, their fragle intimacy, likely to be broken at every moment by the public, take part in the development of a more total representation of human activity. A general rehearsal...

DOMEXPO - installation
Marianne Guarino (fire place), Laurence Vincent (mirror), Jean-Baptist Bayle (Hi-fi), (Library)...
Standard reconstitution of a typical living room. On the model of a show flat, replace in a fictitious but plausible configuration various key domestic elements which have been diverted by artists. A place to live in...

Julien Saglio (performance), Sandrine Weissenburger (wallpaper)...
In the corner of a room, a woman wearing under-clothes answers the phone in the night. The men she talks with found her name and phone number from an ad in the local press. To all their demands, she invariably answers «yes». On the walls, the wallpaper motif represents love scenes in a traditional middle-class style (standard fabric of Jouy). A meeting...

MOBIL HOME - exhibition
Bertran Berrenger (video on monitor), Seulgi Lee (video projection), Jens Gebhart (slide-show), Thomas Mailaender (posters), Olivier Waissman (photographs)
Regarded as residual spaces, minimum liveable, precipitate of personal property crystallizing projections of each one, the vehicle often functions like shuttle between 2 universes, two cultures. Hybrid objects referring to inside-outside, child-adults, rich-poor, North-South, East-West, they constitute here a series of ritual of investment and personal appropriation of the world and space which surrounds us. A tension between ideal and reality...

Rada Boukova (embroideries), Aymeric Ebrard (slide-show), Thomas Fontaine (photography), Élodie Huet (catalogue). Working on what tends to melt each individual in one mass, «Tertiary Area» proposes to explore the paradoxical relations that man develops with a structured environment governed by collective codes. A place of work with suspended and ghostly activity, impersonal portraits of anonymous office workers, a catalogue of costumes of businessmen gutted of their body, and as a window, on the limits of the city, an escape towards nature...

4 guards in khaki uniforms, parasols in camouflage pattern fabric, militarized garden dwarves, a sleeping-beauty lying on ground in a dress of grass, an explosive feast cake...
*Week-end : Mobile Studio hors les murs : au parc ZAIMOV
Posed on a grass like a picnic plaid or planted on stakes like beach shelters or tents canvas, a square of fabric delimits a territory and its neighbourhoods, a kind of open air activities center.

SUMMER TIME - play area
A giant Frisbee, a square football ball, a cheers leaders black panthers team, puzzle and cross words...






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