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nbsp space open in June 2005, is a place dedicated to contemporary creation. Broadly intended for the visual arts, it opens with the extensive whole of the practices which constitute the field of the contemporary art today.
Managed by 4 artists coming from the Beaux-Arts of Paris, our curatorial logic allows to propose a coherent programming being defined and spreading itself for each set of themes, over 6 months.
Located at groundfloor of «La Generale», consists of a succession of four rooms to the modular and extensive fitting, served by a common corridor, the exhibitions investing whole or part of spaces is an independant place of exhibition, diffusion and promotion. Accomodating artists with extensive practices, allows, from its constant rate/rhythm of shows, the experimentation, in a will of reactivity and freshness...   opens each Friday for a vernissage, accomodating personal shows on one week and collective ones on two.
Multiplying the meetings, the experiments and the partnerships with other french or foreign cultural entities, wants to be opened with exchanges, confrontations, to be constitutive of networks and source of a perpetually renewed dynamics.
The presented shows are integrated in the constructive will of a coherence, supporting collaborations
in adequacy with a predefined line, deliberately broad, allowing between each demonstration a dialogue, an exchange, interrogation and redefinition of the initial theme.
Each exhibition thus comes to develop the main issue by proposing an entry each time different. By multiplying the layers, while acting like a proliferating network with a multiple field of vision, each artist contributes to the definition of a global vision in a diversity of approachs.
For our first series of shows (June-December 2005), we chose to work jointly with artists who, in a way or of another, engaged a reflexion related to the idea of «voyage». Starting from the idea of displacement, of mobility and adaptation to the territory, the curatorship considered the voyage like exploration of territory, revealing the stereotypes, the touristic practices of the average Western traveller, defined this state of «vacancy», wich encourage dreaming, escape, and other phantasms related on expatriation and strangerness.
The proposed media (photographs, installations, vidéos, drawings...) thus put the visitor in confrontation with a extra-natural world, made worrying and inaccessible by the effect of distance.
Our second series of shows is articulated around the notion of the «home». The house evokes a concrete space, quite precise, which isolates and protects from the daily flow of reality the intimacy of the individual. This one can consequently be formed, develop, build its identity, in harmony or opposition with outside. We chose to look at the «home» in all its variations, mobile or considered like stable and permanent place, flexible or even in a fictitious way. The exhibitions are invitations to explore the private space of each artist through the glance which it carries on the habitat in the broad sense.







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