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Mobile Studios in Bratislava generated for us several key points of thinking and acting

13m3 (its professional principles) AND Mobile Studios
Professional principles and personal interests of 13m3 members like:
  • open source philosophy
  • sharing and collaborative approach (information, knowledge, creation)
  • interdisciplinarity
  • experimental approach
  • self-organization (reality construction)

are elementary keywords for our work at Mobile Studios project

Bratislava AND Mobile Studios
  • Location of the Mobile Studios at the SNP Square – one of the central squares of Bratislava gives us basic opportunity to impact big number of passers-by.
  • Spacial relation to Ministry of Culture and A4 zero space (culture space, our previous home location) – danger: hot culture politics issues – our not political but artistic comment?

Slovak arts/culture scene AND Mobile Studios
Importance of associated projects:

Multiplace (5th year of new media culture festival) – programme Multiplace Update - every day news from Talk Studio and possibility to host festival guests, record and stream interviews, music etc. – www.multiplace.sk
Accurate Curators – launch of the new project (organized by Goethe Institut and 13m3) inviting open-minded curators from Germany (talk with Mobile Studios authors will be the start of the cycle)
Atractivity of Mobile Studios for Slovak/Slovakia based artists, culture producers and organizers - variety of impulses and motifs for participation:
  • interests in public art, psychogeography, shared production, urban situation, different audience
  • no limitations for artists as for media usage
  • interactions among participants, projects, cities…
  • public visibility (in the city, for culture scene)
+ many other expressed in particular projects

Challenge AND Mobile Studios
How to use all opportunities that Mobile Studios in Bratislava provide? Imported basic frame for our content? New media? Just another public art project? Home for creativity? Open opinion pool? Toy in hands of childish public? Toy in hands of less childish artists? Call for real collaboration?







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