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nationality: Canadian / Bulgarian



Petko Dourmana
2002 - International Summer Academy for Arts Management, ICCM, Salzburg, AU
1991/97 - National Academy for Fine Arts, Sofia, BG
1989/91 - Technical University, Gabrovo, BG
1984/89 - Art School for Industrial Design, Kazanlak, BG


project overview

Selected net art projects:
Petko Dourmana
2003 - SocioScan
2002 - Life, art, traveling, etc.
2001 - Tower chat
1998 - Faceloading
1997 - Metabolizer

Selected exhibitions, festivals, etc:
"The election day" performance - Location One, NY, USA
Harvestworks show in Chelsea Art Museum - NY, USA
ISEA 2004 - Tallin, EST; Helsinki, FI
Open Source Conference - Marriott Hotel, Yerevan, AR
Free Bitflows - K-haus/Temporary locations Karlsplatz, Vienna, AU
2003 Net User II Conference - Sofia City Gallery, BG
Next Five Minutes Festival - De Balie, Amsterdam, NL
banquet. Metabolism and Communication - ZKM, Karlsruhe, DE
2002 Exhibition in the Media Lounge - ICA, London, UK
Exhibition in The Media Center - Huddersfield, UK
Web 3D Show - ICA, London, UK
Urban Cycles II - interactive installation in public space, Manchester, UK
2001 DEEP Root Festival - HTBA, Kingston upon Hull, UK
Macro video - National Palace of Culture, Sofia, BG
2000 Urban Cycles I - NDK, Sofia, BG
TECHNOPOLITEN, Sofia Underground, BG
1999 Duel - Internet performance, Sofia, BG
Media Art Forum "END" - Sofia, BG
Communication Front - Plovdiv, BG
1998 Skopje Electronic ArtFair'98 - Skopje, MK
VIPER 98 - Lucerne, Switzerland
1997 OSTRANENIE 97 - The International Electronic Media Forum, Dessau, DE
HI-TECH/UMENI 1997 - Brno, CZ
Steirischer Herbst Festival - Graz, AU
One Wear XXL Gallery - XXL Gallery, Sofia, BG
The Art on the Net - Machida City Museum Of Graphic Arts, Tokyo, JP
New Radical Practices - XXL Gallery, Sofia, BG
Izkoustvo Megazine Presents - 6 Shipka. St. Gallery Sofia, BG
Skopje Electronic ArtFair'97 - Skopje, MK
Metabolizer - XXL Gallery, Sofia, BG
Sterility - XXL Gallery, Sofia, BG

Grants, courses, residences, workshops:
- ArtsLink Fellowship - Harvestworks, New York, USA
2004 - ExStream residency - Bootlab, Berlin, DE
2003 - Tools and creators workshop - V2, Rotterdam, NL
2003 - Residence in the Digital Research Unit - The Media Centre, Huddersfield, UK
2003 - Media knitting workshop - V2, Rotterdam, NL
2002 - Grant from KulturKontakt - International Summer Academy for Arts Management, ICCM, Salzburg, AU
2001 - EMARE residence - HTBA, Kingston upon Hull, UK
1999 - Trending course for electronic publishing - CAMP Center, Praha, CZ
1997/98 - Grants from Center for Computer Arts, Sofia, BG

Selected projects for InterSpace Media Art Center:
Open Source Software Solutions for Bulgarian NGOs - head of the project
2003 - in progress. The aim of the project is to promote the advantages of Open Source software within the NGO sector in Bulgaria, to assist selected NGOs to switch to using it in their daily work, and to raise the public profile of open source software usage. By helping NGOs to switch to open source software, the project will help saving the NGO sector funds that can be used for worthy causes, other than buying Microsoft products.

Project "exStream" - co-organizer and participating artist
2002 - 2004. exStream is a two-year collaborative project in which five media art organizations work together through the exchange of organizational, artistic and technological resources to create a common platform for the creation and distribution of new media art projects, presented in real public locations (galleries, public squares) and virtually in Internet. Also to develop common open source software tools, based on research and analysis of new media technologies and to teach the artists in their use.

Server for Bulgarian Art and Culture / - head of the project
2000 - in progress. The project stays for the mission to provide all the necessary circumstances for establishment and maintenance an open information network/independent media for the Bulgarian cultural scene throughout using the potential of Internet.

Exhibition of InterSpace Media Art Centre in the Media Lounge, ICA - curator
7 - 17 August 2002. The first Bulgarian exhibition in ICA, London - one of the leading institutions of the international network of independent art organizations. The event is part of a continuous series of bringing world-renowned media centre to the ICA, which to date has brought Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Centre for Culture and Communication (C3) Budapest.

Exhibition of InterSpace in The Media Center, Hudderfield, UK - curator
09.05 - 28.06 2002. Medialounge is an exhibition space designed to showcase creative excellence in the fields of digital, network and interactive media, located at the Media Centre, Hudderfield, UK.
The exhibition include documentation of previous InterSpace projects and current

Technopolitan - organizer and participating artist
February 26, 2000. For the first time in Bulgaria in such an untraditional environment such a grand in conception and scale event, carrying the symbol of the contemporary techno culture took place.

DESIGNETWORK - head of the project
2001-2002. Placements and residences for new media professionals from Bulgaria in the area of interactive media design and production in the UK.

Founder, member etc.
- Member of ENCATC /European Network of Cultural Administration Training Centers/ ENCATC
- Founder and managing director of Interspace Media Art Center, Sofia /BG/
- Founder of XXL gallery, Sofia /BG







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