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Radia.fm proudly highlights RADIO.TERRITORIES, a series of urban and acoustic interventions taking place across Europe. From October 2005 to September 2006, various events will take place in Berlin, Bratislava, Budapest, Cluj, Lisbon, Mooste, Prague, London, Sofia and Vienna. A final conference is planned for September 2006, in Vienna.

radio.territories explores the urbanisation of society from the perspective of media. Considering the heterogeneous formation of European societies, there is a need to develop new forms of diverse and forward
looking communication. How can mixed identities within a society become audible beyond the mechanisms of visual media representation? - radio.territories gathers artistic positions relating to this question. How can diverse identities within a society become audible beyond mechanisms of media representation?

Understanding radio as part of the public sphere, radio.territories links the process of establishing public space through broadcasting on the one hand and intervening in existing urban spaces on the other hand.

In a series of interventions the partner radios in Europe will physically enter public space and create territories of pluralistic communication. By leaving the studios and turning up on the streets and places of different European cities, the involved radio stations approach their (imaginary) audiences and explore the possibilities of participation in an immediate way.

In Sofia:
The Bulgarian partner of Radio.Territories will create a public radio intervention. With content fueled by workshops given by Radio.Territories artist in residence, Antonio Dimitrov(April 1st-31st, 2006) local artists will create audio projects specifically for chosen locales in the city of Sofia. The works will be presented by localized (at "Popa", in Borisova Garden and at this "Mobile Studios Site") transmitters to listeners passing by with tuned radios. The presentations will occur in conjunction with broadcasts explaining the project as well as the presentation of other sound projects.

- the local transmitters for radio.territories will be active in the city of Sofia for one week
- the content produced during the workshops with the resident will be presented at this time on the transmitters as well as at the site of the Mobile Studios installation
- the transmitters installed in the public space will allow people listen to radio.cult programs and site specific audio works on their radio sets
- a press release will be issued about the residency and call for contributors
- May 15 we announce the 1st Intervention through 2000 flyers announcing the frequency and the location of the transmitters
- radio.cult and Radia programs will also be shared in the framework of this public installation
- the perimeters of the installation sites will be flagged with marking lines and visual indication of the frequency to tune-in to

Radio.territories is initiated by RADIO ORANGE 94.0 Vienna and realized in cooperation with partners: bootlab, Berlin; Interspace, Sofia; Itchybit, Bratislava; Kunstradio, Vienna; Resonance104.4fm, London; Tilos Radio, Budapest; And Associates: Radio Campus, Bruxelles; Radio.Cult, Sofia; dmedia, Cluj; Radio Grenouille, Marseille; Kanal 103, Skopje; NOD, Prague; MOKS, Mooste; Radioswap, Bruxelles; reboot.fm, Berlin; RIIST, Lisbon.








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