"He was approaching with his fairy walk
He held out his alabaster hands
His hands -- a swan's song on the shores of a crystal lake"

In the context of destructive events - wars, conflicts, politicaly and socialy unstable situations in Serbian society, the project speaks about missing refined contents in the lives of the individuals that make that society. By taking out this works in the city square, in a public space, a space of anxious relation opens between intimate, personal, erotic / love fulfillment and cruelty, external influence and voyeurism. Also, through universaly adopted language of stereotipes and trash, the project speaks about ideal relationship between two persons.

Maja Josifovic
"A Story told in six ways" - 7 sets of cubes

7 sets of «toy cubes». Each set contains 12 cubes and a picture that can be put together in six different ways. The pictures that appear on sets of cubes are made in digital print.

Obvious connection, between children toys and themes from the lifes of adults, opens a specific gap between those two remote life points. The intention of the author is to offer, through an interactive game, a possibility of individual fulfillment of this gap to each visitor.

Dimitrije Tadic
"Every little thing you say I`ll do" - Objects (wood, glass, plaster, sylicon, satin pillows)

The objects consist of five wooden »showcases«, with glass cubes on the top of each one in which different objects are placed (each showcase contains one object).

The »showcases« resemble the ones seen in museums and used for exhibits. Under the glass are placed red colored objects (colour traditionaly used for expressing love themes) that should be associated with objects of great value.

These objects play with stereotypes in presenting erotic / love relationship between two persons. They quote trash figurines in porcelain or chocolate figures (usually received as a gift, for example for Christmas) - rabbit sitting in grass, dog's head with a collar, a bird with heartlike wings, cat playing with a ball, and Pegasus bowing his head gently after having folded his wings.







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Maja Ciric | Miroslav Karic





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