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The "Evil girl" project (There is a Lot of Us and We are All the Same) is conceived as the process of repetition of an predefined and recognizable motive, in different contexts, spatial settings, media, materials and techniques. The motive which is constantly being repeated takes over certain characteristics from the character of a comic that seems to be familiar, despite of it's non-existence, to everyone, mocking, in an implicit manner, some visual stereotypes of advertising, and media culture in general.

The Evil girl laughs, be it alive or dead, sometimes it has a metal belt fitted over the wheels, like in military tanks, replacing it's foot, or a granate instead of a hand, a perfect military uniform fitted with a mini-skirt, it multiplies unstoppingly, and sometimes, in an utterly personal manner, it has heary legs.

The proposition for the work:
In this very context, the motive of the evil girl would be, in difference to the practice so far, drawn in public, and with the active inclusion of the audience. The author would start the drawing, and then she would invite the passers-by which would show interest in that, to join. Following a short story of who and what the evil girl is, and the description of their own role in the whole story, the audience members would be asked to draw something themselves upon the given visual model, and join it to the whole composition. The work would be realized using black ball-pens on sheets of paper, some of which would be pasted onto the walls as panels, while from the smaller pieces the characters would be cut out and placed into the space. The whole event would be directed towards attaining a joint collage-piece that would produce an impression of a group, shuffle, rally, and combat between evil girls.







finearts | urban interventions


Maja Ciric | Miroslav Karic





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