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„4-course-menu on Vivaldi's 4 seasons"
performative installation of Бbrain Сstore Пproject, Mobile Studios Sofia
21.05. and 28.05.2006 at 8:00 p.m.
duration: continuation of the music piece (45 min.) or as long as the viewer wants
idea and visual surrounding: Бbrain Сstore Пproject
music: reversed sound of “Four Seasons” by Vivaldi
performed by: Mila Odazhieva, Neli Mitewa, Willy Prager
featuring: Maya Stefanova

Description of the project:
The artistic project “4-course-menu on Vivaldi’s 4 seasons” is a performative installation of Бbrain Сstore Пproject in the framework of Mobile Studios’ setting in Sofia: On May 21st and 28th,  at 8:00 p.m., the repetitive action of a dinner of 3 people takes place in the live-studio, on the reversed sound of Vivaldi’s “4 seasons”. The dining people are all dressed in white, sitting on white chairs, the table with white tablecloth is coverd by white plates, white knives, white spoons, white forks and white cups, and their dinner consists of 4 white dishes: eggs, cheese, bisées and yoghurt. Parts of the front windows of the live-studio are doubled with opaque foil, thus blurring the transparency of the showcase’s front and “cutting” parts of the participants’ bodies. Outside the studio, an interpreter “translates” what he listens to through his headphones to the viewers.

Conceptual aspects:
As migration-ists, contemporary interdisciplinary working artists migrate  from one art form to another. We leave art’s predetermined spaces (galleries, theatre halls, museums) in order to migrate towards temporary, flexible, mobile platforms for art testimony. Through their migration through the city, normal passers-by transform into an audience, turn into visitors, while the everyday-action of a dinner becomes a performance. The interpreter on his part, at the same time transmits and abstracts the action additionally.

The process of consummation is the moving engine of migration.
The project develops the process of consummation:
1.)    physical consummation
2.)    social consummation
3.)    artistic consummation
4.)    voyeuristic consummation.

By means of both these notions, the artists of Бbrain Сstore Пproject will explore the interaction between the hermetic systems of:
-    dining people – performing artists
-    translating - intrepreting
and the consummating visitor.

We would like to create an “in-between-form” of “synchronized alive black-and-white movie”, a “living comix”, a “5-to-45-min. animated installation” – read by the senses and through the language of today’s everyday’s viewers.







networks | finearts | media art | performance | fashion | science | urban interventions | cooperation | talk | education


Willy Prager | Mila Odazhieva | Stefan A. Shtereff | Neli Mitewa



Brain Store Project


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