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TheUpgrade is a sustainable solution for the growth of a strong new media art community as it promotes discussion, collaboration and the possibility of doing so in a very feasible manner. Giving the opportunity to local artists to present their work will aid them in their professional development.

As a monthly meeting including a presentation by a local artist, a question and answer period and an informal discussion, TheUpgrade! Sofia will both create a local community of artists as well as link it with other prominent new media art communities in other cities.

TheUpgrade! is an international network of such meeting occurring in cities around the world. The founder, Yael Kanarek in NYC, supports new communities by providing links to their websites on a central site

The networking possibility of this project has been well received in Sofia with the three previous meetings having attracted aver 40 people each. There is the possibility for artists meeting at TheUpgrade to create collaborative projects, workshops and other initiatives.

So far the presenting artists have been:
Feb/06 Tiny Noise Festival and "Digital Communities" with members of experement.org and bpm.net
Jan/06 tkrst - sound artist
Dec/05 Xtendo Group - new media performance artists
Nov/05 Virginia Zaharieva - ambient sound and image

The Upgrade! Sofia website gives information about upcoming meetings, related events and maintains an archive of past presentations.

During Mobile Studios:

The Upgrade group, digital and media artists who meet monthly in Sofia, will coordinate within their group to take over the Talk Studio for 2 hours each day to host an extended wine and cheese "chat" event.
Up to 15 active members of The Upgrade! Sofia will come to speak about their art, local art work, art venues, digital art, art in general and local media.
The speakers will arrange their own timetable and will include time to talk with passers by, invite politicians, cultural organizers, students and various others involved in Bulgarian cultural life to come and speak with them in the Talk Studio.
Throughout the 24 hour event, wine and cheese will be available continuously.

Talks will be presented in English and in Bulgarian.








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