Svetlana Mircheva / artist


Kazanlak / Bulgaria


nationality: Bulgarian



1995-2000 National Academy of Arts, MA in industrial design, Sofia, Bulgaria
1990-1995 Art and Design High School, Kazanlak, Bulgaria


project overview

2004 graphic designer, Ogilvy & Mather, Sofia, Bulgaria
2001-2003 graphic and industrial designer, 2a advertising agency, Sofia, Bulgaria
1999-2001 video and multimedia artist, Inter Space Media Art Center, Sofia, Bulgaria

Group exhibitions:
2005 Observation (zoom-zoom), 14 screenshots, part of Corporate Youth
2005 Invisible Places, 1 min. computer animation, INFRASTRUCTURE, Studio Voltaire, 13 May - 19 June, London
2005 MISTAKES, interactive CD, 18 Stuttgarter Filmwinter, 13-16 January, Stuttgart, Germany
2004 Inside Story, 14 min. animation, VIPER Basel Festival - Generations on the move, 18-22 November, Kunsthalle, Basel, Switzerland
2004 Campiello S.Vidal 9:30 - 17:30, 5 min. video, RADAR Infopoint, 7-10 September, Telecom Italia Centre, Venice, Italy
2004 Invisible Places, 1 min. computer animation, adapted version for symbian os mobile phones, RADAR, Deptford X festival, Blind Date Exhibition, Gallery Temporary contemporary, London, England
2004 Mistakes, interactive CD, online exhibition, Arts & Technology Festival, Perm, Russia
2003 Inside Story, 5 min. video, Exhibition - Space - Video - Art, Gallery Dwarf, Reykjavik, Iceland
2003 28 pixel portraits, 2 min. new media, Landscape, 20 min. video installation, RADAR, Contemporary Art for European Cities,
12-30 June, Centro Civico, Venice, Italy, Extra 50, Venice Biennale
2003 Endless, Inside Story, COSMOS, 11 Biennial of Young artists from Europe and Mediterranean, Athens, Greece
2002 Inside Story, 7 min. interactive CD, Word for Word, 1 min. CD, May Be 1 min. CD, Digital Weekend, micro festival of digital culture
12-14 April, National Academy of Arts, New Media Scotland, Edinburgh
The Red House - Center for Culture and Debate, Sofia, Bulgaria
2002 Definition 5 min. video, Project Vision 01, National Art Gallery, French institute, Sofia, Bulgaria
2001 Endless, 3 min. video, Video-art Program 22-24 March, Euro-Bulgarian Cultural Center, 5 International Sofia Film Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria
2000 Endless, interactive CD, International Video-art Festival Videoarchaeology - Archaeology of desire
15 -30 November, American Center, Sofia, Bulgaria

Prizes / Awards:
2004 \\international\media\art\award, Organized by SWR Baden-Baden and ZKM Karlsruhe, 'Mistakes'
2003 RADAR, European Commission Residency, Venice, March - June 2003

List of works:
2005 Woodhouse, computer animation for two screens
2005 Observation (zoom-zoom), 14 screenshots, part of CY (Corporate Youth)
2004 Campiello S.Vidal 9:30 -17:30, video
2004 Invisible places, animation, symbian os mobile devices compatible
2004 MISTAKES, interactive CD
2003 Landscape, video installation
2003 Dots&Lines, abstract animation
2003 28 pixel portraits, interactive animation
2002 Inside story, abstract animation
2002 Definition, video
2000 Endless, interactive animation







media art | design | webdesign | video


Kyd Campbell | Neli Mitewa | Mila Odazhieva



Corporate Youth | Infrastructure | Mistakes | VIPER Basel Festival | Gallery Temporary contemporary | Deptford X Festival | Machinista org



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