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@lma @lter Plastic Kitchen

The @lma @lter Plastic Kitchen is a performative installation, which essense is the experimenting of the borderlines of primarity and secondarity, fisicity and aestheticity, biologity and spirituality. The visual image will be created by combining and separating of various elements, which the five actors will be working with. The elements will be a set of allimentary products, the combination of which will have an "idea"-tive character. The kitchen elements (such that have not gone through thermic treatment and not have been semi-manufactured) will NOT be used in their typical consumable's essense, but will be used as substances of visual energy. Their primary purpose - the fulfilling of fysical human needs - will be neglected with the aim of the fulfilling of secondary such - spiritual-aesthetical. The function will be turned into an option. The actors, with the help of the elements, will create unique plastic visions and unique visual effects, which, in the very moment of their constructing, will be de-constructed. These deconstructions will yield new constructions, that is, they will actually be the nucleus itself, the core of the happening. Another five artists will be creating the frame around the happening - a musician, a painter, a poet, a photographer and a critic - they will be partial observers and reflectors of the happening.

@lma @lter Plastic Kitchen' Frame
1. musician - he will be the one, who, during the creating of the plastic installation, will enrich audially the musical (the noisy) side of the happening. The musical score will be created authentically as a reflection of the visual-sensitive environment.
2. painter - o n the walls of the white room there will be glued white sheets of paper, o n which the artist (painter) will, using a charcoal, transform in his own subjective way, the happening. He, o n the other hand, through graphic means of expression, will form the visual space.
3. poet - he will use the pallette of his sensory sensations and will transform them through the means of expression of poetic word, o n small white square pieces of paper.
4. photographer - he will record fragments of the structural combinations, which will constantly be in-built (constructed) and destructed. His aim will be the maximal precising of the process of constructing of the whole through its deconstruction.
5. critic - he will be the one to comment o n the successfully and unsuccessfully used possibilities of the happening.
The frame will give borderlines of the structure, its purpose will be the "catching" of uniqueness and the achieving of a possible status of duration. This durable status (photographs, pieces of poetry, graphics, pieces of critique) will be transmitted to the Talk Studio for comments and analyses. The frame will reflect the personal reflections of the artists on abstract visions (pictures), which will be full of colours, forms, odours and contents.
Both the installation itself and the adjacent to it frame will be situated in the Life Studio. In the middle of its space the five actors will be setting up a structure which will be containing the described above alimentary products. And the five artists, who will be the ones to configure the frame, will move freely in this space. They will be searching for interesting points of views to the happening. Their movement will have a direction from the outside towards the inside, that is: their actions will be provoked by an object from the outside, the happening will pass through an authentic inner process and, through the techniques, which each artist masters, he/she will transcend it to the space outside of him(her)self in the form of a photograph, drawing, poem etc.

The performance relies on dynamically changing environment and the attempt for "catching" of it. The completed installation will be ready for use (consumption) by the studios, by observers and passing-by people. The performance will be held just once and will take about 60 min. The project does not suggest a preliminary "designation" through sketches and is not in possession of photographs or DVD materials, because of the character of its happening. Any sketches, photographs and DVD materials, made during the happening, will not give any idea about any further (a continuation of the above-described) happening.

The five actors, who will be constructing the "@lma @lter Plastic Kitchen Installation" will be: Petia Iosifova, Stoil Atanassov, Vassilena Georgieva, Evgeni Ovchinnikov, Nikola Ginev.
The five artists who will be configuring the frame of the "@lma @lter Plastic Kitchen Installation" will be: musician - Manuel Lopez, painter - Valeria Tsankova, poet - Todor Stoyanov, photographer - Julia Tsvetkova, critic - Nikolay Georgiev

Director/conductor of the "@lma @lter Plastic Kitchen Installation" - Petia Iosifova







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