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Theatre-laboratory "@lma @lter"
Address: Theatre-laboratory "@lma @lter"
SU "St. Kliemnt Ohridski"
15 Tzar Osvoboditel Blvd,
Sofia 1504

Date of forming the company: April, 2000 Name of director: Nikolay Georgiev

The theatre of Sofia University - the national Bulgarian university - is founded in 1968. Due to ideology considerations it is later shut down. After more than 30 years it is restored by its founder - the director Nikolay Georgiev, who has always been in the avant-garde of the Bulgarian experimental theatre. The Theatre-laboratory "@lma @lter" penetrates into and researches the primary, essential theatre means of expression in the context of the present day. "@lma @lter" is syncretic, creative, strongly unconventional, open, daring and is also known as "The alive theatre". The philosophy and the methodology of "@lma @lter" is based on the aesthetics, theory and practice of the Bulgarian theatre reformer Geo Milev and probably is closest to the Grotowski's "Poor theatre" principles. Theatre-laboratory "@lma @lter" is highly interactive - the audience is an active participant in all the performances. Each performance of "@lma @lter" should be different from the previous ones, because it is set on the principle of "happenning here, now, with these people". "@lma @lter" has won recognition in the cultural life of the country as a unique place, where theatre is not "produced", but born, where "Things happen" - categorical alternative to the (conventional) theatre in Bulgaria.

Spring 2000 - The Sofia University Theatre is restored
06.01.2001 - the first performance - "Either-Or"
June-August 2002 - International project "Oro Bastonado" (Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania)
08.12.2002 - Student Marriages I
March 2003 - International Theatre Festival "TEST!4" Zagreb
May 2003 - International Theatre Festival "Unithea" Frankfurt
September 2003 - Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theatre 2003
November 2003 - International Theatre Festival "Bunte Buhne" Shtutgart
08.12.2003 - Student Marriages II
26-27 March 2004 - 24 hours non-stop theatre marathon "Culture Or Death"
October 2004 - Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theatre 2004
08.12.2003 - Student Marriages III
26-27 March 2005 - 24 hours non-stop theatre marathon II

"Either-Or" or After Saturday Not Always Follows Sunday, "The chairs" not after Ionesco, "The Non-birds", "The sufferings Of The Young Wretch", "Happening Of The Nothing", "Greenwild", "The Impossible You, The Impossible Me", "White Square On A White Background", "Murder Game", "The Speed Of Darkness I", "The Speed Of Darkness II", "destructportraiting, portraitinteracting", "Jesus Christ Was A Suicide Too", "The Tempest GEO", "More Likely Never", "All That Broadway, Broadway...", "My Non-my Madness", "Hamlet Or Three Boys And One Girl"







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