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souvenir SNP no. 1

This project might look a simple documentary project, since its obviuos aim is to monitor, record and process the impact of MS on Bratislava public and the visitors' interaction with it. It will be achived by means of a triple layered action:
- a monitoring of the sapce around the studios, by menas of webcams used as CC TV [thus rasing also questions on teh issue of publis space and the access of public to data that intimately reagrds it i.e. CC TV recordings]
- photographing peopel around and visitors [by means of a polaroid camera], thus going deeper from the general level of public space to that of the individuals taht populate it; also polaroid camera is widely associated with the tourist behaviour of souvenir taking - and one might consider that MS is a tourist, travelling through various cultural centers, with teh higher aim of connecting them, but with unpredicatble results, as this depends not only on organizers but also on local participants [hosts of MS]
- recording individuals marks in teh form of text or image - another level deeper to the personal signature of individuals; this will be achieved by asking people to write down messages on the polaroid pictures [thus transforming them into postcards addressed to MS or to its visitors in other countries, but also by other more sophisticated digital techniques [not to be disclosed at the moment]
As seen all this documentation may be edging espionage, public surveillance, depending on the levels of recording the material and on asking or not permission to perform it.

All the material thus collected can be used afterwards in various ways:
- as a Bratislava souvenir that MS can take home
- as a message for visitors and participants in other countries - message for which MS is the vehicle, facilitating the communication between distant individuals and groups and nationalities
- as material for a survey on the imapct of MS on local publis [survey that can be presented as a documentary or in the form of data visualisation, a phenomenon closely realeted to networking, and information traffic, one of the aims of MS]
- as material free to be used by artists participating from other countries
- as material for a visual presentation during the final party in Bratislava [be it in the form of slideshow, movie or live visuals]

The degree of processing the material will depend on its quantity and ideas for it, its processing being done during the presence of MS in bratislava or after its departure. Also the project is open in the sense taht on this general scheme may be applied various approaches of collecting the material and processing them.







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