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Project Title:
CHRONOZONE 4: ZENO BOUNDARY. Psycho-geography project

Reaching the boundary of space with the eye, but not the body. Interplanetary landings by probes on distant planets often result in a 360 degree panoramic photograph, collaged by scientists in order to image strange horizons for curious earthlings. Likewise, I wish to introduce into Mobile Studios' routine a sort of horizon-imaging device, contingent upon the bodies of participants.

Project Description:
CHRONOZONE 4 consists of a set of digital still cameras, designated for use in the creation of a unique image-map. I ask participants to follow these instructions:
1 - Take a digital camera. Then choose a straight walking path that leads away from Mobile Studios.Stand at the start of that path, and notice with your eyes where this path must end, where the body will meet a barrier that would require stopping or changing direction.
2 - Point your camera at that endpoint, and snap a picture.
3 - Next, walk exactly halfway to the endpoint. Aim your camera at the endpoint, and snap a picture.
4 - From your new position, walk again halfway to your endpoint. Aim your camera at the endpoint, and snap a picture.
5 - Repeat steps 3 + 4 as long as you can, growing ever closer to your destination, but never reaching it.
6 - Return to the Mobile Studios, and upload your images to the computer.

The computer will construct from the accumulated images of all participant walks THREE animated movies:
A - An animated loop of each trajectory, zooming in from start to endpoint of each path.
B - An animated loop that spirals out from Mobile Studios, showing first each participant's first image, then each participant's second image, then the third, and so on, until there are none left.
C - An animated loop that combines the images from all locations of the Mobile Studio; the first images of Bratislava's walks will be followed by the first images of walks from other cities, then the second image-stops of Bratislava, then the second image-stops of walks from other cities, and so on.







media art | photography | performance | urban interventions


M?°ria Corejov?° | M?°ria Riskov?° | Nicholas Brown | M. Simon Levin and Laurie Long | Paul Wittenbraker | Ryan Griffis | Sarah Kanouse | Conrad Bakker | J. Meredith Warner



Kevin Hamilton


University of Illinois | MIT Visual Arts Program

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