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Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava
Department of Painting and other media

Studio ± XXI
Assistent Alena Adamíková, Students: Eva Böhmová, Csilla Poláková, Lucia Sceranková

Title of Project: Meeting point

Project description:

Installation we want to create for Mobile Studios relates directly to the physical space where the Mobile Studios are situated. The SNP square has often been a witness to the crucial events of Slovak history. Because of its strategic position, it has been a place of demonstrations and gatherings of crowds of people, who demonstrated here their opinions. The idea of anonymous crowds is the therefore the theme of our work.

The physical space of Live Studio will be divided by several white walls, 2 meter high. The walls will divide the space of Live Studio into several narrow passages, creating a labyrinth and allowing more people to come in at the same time. The allies will lead the visitor to the place, where an eye of a camera is embedded in the wall. The camera itself is concealed to the visitor, all s/he can see is a small spyhole, as in the door. It is partly a trick played on the visitor, who can expect to find there something new. His or her detailed face with a direct look into the camera is directly transferred and screened on a monitor placed on the other side of the wall. Visitor who chose a different way through the labyrinth and reached the monitor sooner, will look at a face staring directly at him from the monitor. There is a moment where the two gazes meet thanks to the camera, but only one of the visitors realizes this. There are two people standing relatively close to each other but separated by the wall and thanks to the mediated reality of the camera one of them can look directly into the face of the other one and his or her regard can meet the regard of the other. The one looking into the camera doesn't suspect that someone s/he can feel and hear as well, is looking at the image of his/her face.

In this project we will work with the theme of anonymity and mediated reality.
We will attack the senses of visitors in this way and recall associations to their previous experience, and we'll be part of the crowd.

Alena Adamikova







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