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"Unknown for Sale - Market?" Live Video and Sound Installation

Comparing to the double title the artists create two installations - in the same place - with similar tools (laptop and electronics) but different kind of time-sensation because the video is connected to the past and the sound improvised in presence.

The project contains two blocks:
1. video-installations selected by Csiki - Dora - Koroknai trio as an ad-hoc curator group. All participiants work with intermedia art (digital print, experimental film, textile as a site specific object) in different ways, but all of them focus on microstructural changes in time. + live manipulated video by Csiki, Koroknai - with the aim of getting illusion.

2. sound-installation, with laptop, live electronics and moving senzors (Csiki, Dóra).
Similar with the past Soundbridge/Vienna, Whiteheadonists/Budapest) duo use computer-generated noise and sampled sound from urban circumstances. This method is based on an idea of Chris Cutler about plunderphonics and create nexus between long distance sounds in real time. The virtual space is built from Foucoult powder-size knowledge and generate new reference circles. + guest musicians (Prell, rovar 17, kris_k, Sőrés Zsolt, Darvas Bence, Szabó Péter, Tigrics)






media art | urban interventions | music | film | soundart | video


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