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The Background:
In October, the participants arriving from many different parts of the world built small-performance radio transmitters, created their own contents (using MD recorders, Tilos studio facilities and their own laptops), and produced sound installations that were exhibited at the workshop closing event. In this second round we are planning to concentrate primarily on the audio contents. During the week-long workshop the international participants would produce audio collages, sound sculptures and pieces that reflect on radio as an artistic medium for the transmitters that are previously produced by Tilos broadcasters.

Cooperation with Mobile Studios Project:
We feel that there are two dimensions we should cooperate in. One is naturally the contents, and the other is the closing event, which seems to fit the idea of the international Mobile Studio project.

- the sound collages could be presented live in the so called Talk Studio area at the closing date of the Mobile Studio Project.
- we could have round table talks with the participants arriving from all over the world, where they could share their experience with radio and activism with the audience.
- All this could be joined with an open air Tilos May Festival from the afternoon till the evening, where the radio's DJ's and musicians would be performing on a stage near the Mobile Studios, the expenses and the task of organisation of which is undertaken by Tilos Works, the entrepreneurial arm of Tilos Radio.

The audio contents and the programme of the festival would be streamed online by Tilos Radio, as well as broadcast live on 90.3 FM in Budapest. Furthermore, the broadcasters at Tilos Radio would produce their own audio contents for the other days of the Mobile Studio project, for both the Talk Studio and the other two containers. The preselection and daily coordination, as well as propagating the project would be undertaken by Radio Tilos. We are also planning to have our annual fundraising event, the so called Tilos Marathon during this particular week. This would involve meetings with the audience in several bars, cafés around Budapest, with live radio shows - also streamed online - with a possibility of presenting the audio collages and the project on the spot as well.

Radio Tilos, as a Budapest-based small area FM station, and an online radio with its large group of volunteers working on concepts weekly, already has a special relationship to the city, its audience. Interactive shows with callers in happen everyday on the airwaves, having a workshop studio in the heart of the city, with the corresponding plans to transmit from cafés and bars would place the "Tilos" kind of activity idea more organically into the texture of the city, where interaction could take place face-to-face.







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