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MASA, performance project

fictitious (?) branch of NASA organizing recruitment for MARS colonization

Colonisation of Mars Selected Timeline
- 2042 Mars colonisation programme announced.
- 2045 Alpha Group lands at Isidis Planitia. Port Robinson established.
- 2054 First flyby of interplanetary cycler. Full scale Mars colonisation begins.

The expedition of the eight Pioneers of Endeavour and Discovery to Mars was only the beginning of the human exploration and settlement of the planet. The Ares programme continued for a further decade, with first two and then four teams departing on each two-yearly launch window. Each habitat was landed a 1000km rover drive away from a previous landing site. The habitats and methane/oxygen fuel factories formed a network of outposts from which to explore larger areas of the surface. In addition, the crews made use of the nuclear rockets that had formed part of the equipment of the Pioneers, giving them global mobility. ... By the early 2040s, the Ares project had fully demonstrated that true colonisation of Mars was not only possible but practical and affordable. In her inaugural speech on 3 May 2042, Federation President Constance Schwinger announced that the EF would establish a permanent colony at the Isidis base camp.
ESA immediately began a rigorous colonist selection and training programme. From the thousands of qualified candidates two groups of sixty-four were selected. Each group contained all the specialists needed for living on Mars permanently and performing research there: engineers, farmers, ecologists, chemists, metallurgists, biologists, psychologists, physicists and many others. ... By the end of the century the Martian population was more than five hundred thousand, most of them employees of Earth's transnational megacorporations. To these later settlers Mars was a resource to be exploited. Certainly, it was big and impressive, breathtaking even, but it was also an escape from overcrowded Earth, and a rich lode of ore to be strip-mined. The aspirations of the first Martians began to disappear under a tsunami of Terran corporate culture. That there would eventually be a confrontation between the two visions of Mars was inevitable.









M?°ria Corejov?° | M?°ria Riskov?°



Mars Colonisation


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