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Populist confessions

Since 1998 I was exploring the phenomena of populism. I started a work-in-progress titled Populist Project. The referential idea in the creation of the Populist Project was based on the thesis that populism has these days become the supreme ideology, replacing the well-known social utopias of the former times. As we all know Communism, Socialism & Anarchism have lost their battle for the leadership in representation of the social statements and fights of the so-called lower classes. After total defeat of eastern block, whose economy was mostly based on ideological postulates of Marxism-Leninism, the flag of social emancipation is in the hands of declarative democrats, both right/left wing liberals and conservatives. According to the striving of this strange social/political/ideological amalgam, in order to prove how seriously they are fighting for better world, they have created the term new world order which is an ideological mutant of labor fight for social and human rights and right wing Liberal economy standards. Populism is becoming, in these new circumstances, the transparent territory for the promotion of the new values. Its promotional territories were part of serious confrontations and/or links between upper and lower classes throughout the whole XX century history, which comprised sports, sexual liberation movements and popular culture. Populist project tries to explore these territories and changes, that were - and still are - present in treatments, or uses all these 3 parts in perverting the fights for social, class and sexual emancipation.

The Bible / Manifesto of populism is a lifestyle magazine. The form of a magazine is structured like a church / party which promotes celebrities as its apostoles, prophets & saints / ideologists, commisairs & national heroes.

One of the key promotions in a lifesyle magazines as well as in tabloids is an interview with a celebrity in a form of confessions. In this interviews, celebrities are confessing their hard road to stars or describing their success as position of a martyr. Therefore common people see celebrities as kind of healers, keepers of a formula (projecting themselves into it as they all once had same starting position as celebs.), those who could understand their own suffers & insecurities.

The idea is to use Mobile studio as interactive field for mutual confessing without mediators between celebrities & common people. According to space possibilities & limited time, I would engage several superstars as participants in this project & it would be announced & opened to citizens to participate & confess. (Uros Djuric)







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