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A38 is a cultural centre with international programme, restaurant, bar, concert hall and lounge - all in one aboard as one of the most fascinating venues in Budapest.

By reconstructing the ship and harbouring it on the Danube, the A38 team plays an initiative role in bringing life and living culture to the bank of the Danube in Budapest. The ship, as the utmost poetic symbol of freedom, life, travel, adventure and discovery; and the Danube, as one of the strongest symbols of Central European history and culture provide the A38 team with inspiration and serve as a compass for the whole project.

Reshaped, rebuilt and rehabilitated, A38 has become Budapest's new industrial, trendy venue, a modern, pleasant, dynamic cultural centre, which collects a lot of creative energy through the involvement of musicians, promoters, DJ collectives and international partners. The A38 team initiates and manages its own projects as well as hires the venue for independent promoters and cultural organizations for artistic events. The result is a very colourful programme from contemporary classical music to wide range of jazz, world, electronic music, from rock bands to drum'n'bass events.

Besides its international music programming it also provides home for various cultural activities such as professional meetings, film, literature, digital and even gastronomy events. The programming is very broad in terms of styles and genres but consistent in quality standards. Any good, quality and financially feasible project finds home on the ship.

A38 - where does this strange name come from? And how has an ex-Soviet stone-carrier got to the Budapest riverside? Read more about the respectable history and miraculous transformation of 'Tripolie', the former Ukrainian barge.

A38 is the reincarnation of 'Tripolie', a Ukranian stone-carrier ship, built in 1968. The name comes from Artemovsk, which is the name of a ship prototype, and this one was the 38th unit of the 'Artemovsk' class. The building project lasted for one and a half years. Architects, ship engineers, acoustic designers, electricians, musicians and promoters contributed their skills and experience to make it an understated but elegant,for both artist and audience friendly place with a concert venue, bars, rooms and a restaurant.

With its inauguration on April 30th 2003, A38 started a new life on the Danube in Budapest as a cultural venue. Since its opening it has become one of Budapest's most important venues, and according to artists' feedback, one of Europe's coolest clubs. By nowadays, A38 Ship has provided home for more than 600 cultural events, more than thousand performers, bands and artists.





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