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Denis Biro studies dramaturgy at the University of Theatre and Film Arts, organised a flashmob pillow fight in Autumn and worked as an editor at the Netszinhaz internet cult-magazine.

Invitation for
Bubble Blower's

5 nations, 5 countries, 5 historical places, one single event:
the International Bubble Blower's Flashmob 2006

April the 11th, 2006 [GMT+1] 18:00

Belgrade (Corner of Knez Mihajlova street and The republic square)
Bratislava (Namestie SNP, Bratislava)
Budapest (Moszkva tér, Moscow Square)
Gdansk (Podwale Grodzkie street, opposite main Railway Station Gdansk
Główny,near only one tree, before the Krewetka Cinema.)

[GMT+2] 19:00
Sofia (Alexander
Battenberg Square in Sofia, at the place of the former
Mausoleum, opposite of the National Gallery)

For those who don't want to miss the event: Timeticker
Location: here

Flashmobbers dressed in white congregate at 5 different places in Central-Europe, they start to blow bubbles,
after 15 minutes they disperse!

Dear future Flashmobbers of Belgrade, Bratislava, Budapest, Gdansk and Sofia!
We are organising this flashmob to celebrate universal infantility, innocence and joy. We are about to unite the youngsters of five different cities in the Central-European region for one shared event. We have nothing to do with politics, this flashmob has no ideology, it comes from and goes to the big nothing with no sense at all. Quite absurd, isn't it?
Let's join! Take part in the action and bring your friends with you so we can show the whole world and especially Europe, how funny creatures populate this region. We are really looking forward to this unique event of multicultural-multinational-multilingual teamwork. If you want to know more about flashmobs, see the Bubble-Pillow Flashmob blog. Click on the HOPP link to find additional info of this flashmob!

Here are the rules:
Please forward this letter to as many of your pals as you can! Please tell them about this event even if you won't participate. Throw us a mail if you'd like to participate (bubbleflashmob@gmail.com), let us know the size of your group and the name of the city you are about to shock! If you want to use your cell phone here is a 1-SMS-sized text message which contains all the details: Join the intern. bubble flashmob! April 11! Come to (your city, address of the place) at 18- (in Sofia 19:00) dressed in white, blow bubbles for 15 min, disperse. It'll happen in 5 cities simultaneously!Spreadtheword!

2. (few days before) PREPARE
You only have a few days to prepare your blowing tools and your secret bubble formula. Start preparing your liquid min. 1 day before the event. Collect your bubbleblowing tools: straws, cans, pipes, blowing toys and other tools! Hints, helps, tips & tricks here.

3. (tuesday, 18:00) CONGREGATE
The flashmobbers arrive at the place in time. Most of them wear white clothes. When somebody asks them, why they are dressed white, they answer: White is the colour of neutrality, freedom and peace, and also of Belgrade and the Mobile Studio Project. It is allowed not to answer questions from pedestrians but you can simply confuse them if you prefer to do so. Flashmobbers act at this stage as normal citizens as if not preparing to do anything particular, who doesn't want to do anything, just waiting for some friends. Keep the blowing tools and liquids hidden!

4. (18:05 ) ACT
When the time comes and the signal goes, take your bubble blowing stuff out and start blowing bubbles! Do not end it until the next signal!

5. (18:20) DISPERSE
This is a sensitive point: you must get away from the place for a while, to end the flashmob correctly. Imagine the people of your city: they don't know about the event, they may be shocked or sometimes even get mad seeing the flashmob action. The faster you disperse the more people will be surprised. So when the time comes get away from the place as fast as you can. Naturally you can go back after a short while but the best trip leads to the Flashmob's AfterParty (Inform yourself on the scene!)!

Photographers and Movie Makers!
1. Send links about videos and photos of the flashmob!
2. Send videos and photo sets to our mailbox! bubbleflashmob@gmail.com

Important Rules!
The flashmobs are organised secretly and confidentially, their success relies on the element of surprise. Please don't use the printed and electronic mass media to promote this event even if you are working there as editor, speaker or whatever. Remember: don't tell anyone anything about the flashmob through the mass media! Thanks!

We welcome bloggers, forum geekz, local cultheroes, mailing groups, sms-freaks and others to tell everyone about the International Bubble Blower's Flashmob. Never forget: Flashmob has nothing to do with aggression or political extremities. Please keep calm in all circumstances, be polite to policemen and pedestrians! Remember: We don't do anything illegal, we only want to have fun in public with clothes on...

The Mobile Studio Project is a fantastic opportunity for international fusion of energies. Grab this chance and witness the future way of social entertainment! Blow millions of bubbles in your city simultaneously with hundreds of other flashmobbers in Central-Europe!







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